Grade: Advanced
Subject: Language

#1432. And That's No Bull

Language, level: Advanced
Posted Tue Nov 7 06:59:16 PST 2000 by Jamie Buki (
Indiana University of PA, Indiana, PA, USA
Materials Required: lots of information and pictures on bullfighthing
Activity Time: 60 minutes
Concepts Taught: bullfighting:an art or an act of violence?

1. The teacher will ask the students to say all that they know about bullfights
2. The teacher will then explain to them why the Spainards have it in their culture and why it is an art
3. The teacher will recite the words to the class as well as an explanation of their meaning

Co-op Learning/Researching:
1. The students will be out of a hat a number
2. The studetns will join those that have the same numbers that they have
3. The teacher will give each group a packet of information where they will have to read and take notes
4. Then the students are asked to become experts in their section and all the group members must teach
everyone the information.
5. The group must decide how they will present their information to the class (actions, overheades)

1. The students (with the aide of the teacher) will present/act out their part to the rest of the class (using
the new terms and the pictures, books, and worksheets given to them
2. The students will be able to see what a real bullfight really looks like

1. The students will then be able to ask any questions that they have
2. The students will be asked to comment on what they liked/did not like/observations
3. The students assignment will be to write a reaction paper to the bullfight.