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Subject: Literature

#1433. ambroice bierce

Literature, level: all
Posted Sat Dec 4 11:27:07 PST 1999 by Laurie (
ambroice bierce
Laurie educational and resource network, edmonton, canada
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 50 min
Concepts Taught: comprehension activities


A small boy awakens in a forest to find himself in the aftermath of battle. What does he
do? He takes his wooden sword and leads the army of losers.

This document is accompanied by a 'trailer', or a preliminary study of the document:

A synopsis of the basic plot structure
Character sketches and relationships
Basic conflicts and their resolution
Problematic vocabulary

Extended Readings include follow up comprehension activities, involving language
specific learning:

What's in an Idiom? A study of idioms encountered in the reading.
The Slang Game A look at any slang used in the text.
A Word by any Other Name Exercises using the problematic/unusual
vocabulary in the text.
Funny or Not? Humor in Focus If the text uses humor, a study looks at
how/why something is funny.
Culture Cachet A look at the culture inherent in the language.