Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#1446. Bridges

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Dec 12 17:58:15 PST 1999 by Mark / Rose (
Settlers Farm P.S, Adelaide Australia
Materials Required: 3 sheets of A4 card and a pair of scissors
Activity Time: 45 mins
Concepts Taught: Joining materials and ways to reach across a space

1)Look at some pictures of bridges. Identify why the bridges were built, who or what could travel over them, materials and shapes used in the bridge. Discuss children's own experiences of bridges eg " we had to drive over a river to get to my Nan's house."
2) Draw what you think your bridge will look like and show how you will join it together.
3) Construct the bridge.
4) Test and modify the bridge and console children who's bridges have collapsed.
5) Make up a story about the bridge to include who or what travelled across it and where they were going.