Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1448. Santa's race

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Dec 12 18:21:27 PST 1999 by Mark F, Mark M, Rose W (
Settlers Farm PS, Adelaide Australia
Materials Required: dice, A4 1cm squared paper, fabric (material scraps) needle and thread, scissors, stiff A4 card
Activity Time: 2 x 1hr
Concepts Taught: Distance, direction, scale, 2D and 3D

1) Design Santa's Summer suit for Australian conditions (thongs, corkscrew hats, surf gear, tank tops).The design needs to show heights, size of each garment and the size of Santa.
2)Children that decide on 2D make a 2D model of Santa with underwear ! Then Tab on the clothing. Children who decide on 3D, actually stitch the clothing together and put it on their stuffed 3D doll. Well, you'd be stuffed too if you'd just delivered all those presents !
3) When the children have made their models they have to play the game - Santa's Race.
4) On a paved area (use 20 x 20cm paved area if possible). Children put their Santa's on a chalk line they've drawn. Santa's have to race to another chalk line about 20 tiles away.
5) To move, throw a dice - the number on the dice indicates direction 1,2,3 -North, 4-East, 5-West, 6-South.
6) Now throw another dice. The number on this dice indicates the number of squares Santa will travel. So, Santa may travel 4 squares North. (the worst possible throw is 6, 6 eg 6 squares South - Yuk!!)
7) Have fun - Ho, ho, ho.