Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#1451. Poetry Presentation

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Tue Dec 14 20:15:31 PST 1999 by Amy Vanderscheuren (
Holy Rosary School, Duluth USA
Materials Required: List of poets abd a selection of their work
Activity Time: two class periods (for presentations)
Concepts Taught: Emphasis on recognizing poetic devices and poetic structure

Poetry Project, December 1999

Each student will choose a poem by poet of his or her choice.

Once you decide on a poet, find one of his or her poems that you enjoy that is at least 20 lines in length (if you wish, you may choose two shorter poems for the assignment).

What to Do:

You will be presenting the poem you choose to your classmates. Your presentation must be at least 5 minutes in length, and must include the following:

1. A one page, TYPED, double-spaced, using a standard 12 point font, biography of the poet. Things you might want to include in the biography are as follows: birth and death (if he or she is deceased) of the poet, birthplace, BRIEF family history, description of accomplishments, motivations, general style, and reference to any other important work he or she is known for. You must also provide source information for the resource you use to find your information.

2. A picture of your poet (a photo-copied picture is perfectly acceptable)

3. A copy of the original poem.

4. A paraphrased version of the poem (done by YOU).

5. A visual aid

6. In your presentation, you must include an explanation of the following:
A. is the poem written in free verse or is there a pattern? If there is a pattern, what is it (rhyme scheme and meter)? In your opinion, what overall affect does the pattern have on the poem?
B. What is the theme and situation of the poem? What message is the speaker trying to convey?
C. What poetic devices does the poet use? What purpose to they serve? What do they accomplish in the poem?
D. What kind of mood or tone describes the poem? Is the mood/tone affected or determined by the poetic devices the author uses?
E. Is the speaker first person or third? Why do you think the author chose such a narrator?
F. How does the poem relate to your everyday experience? (That is, how does the theme relate to your life or the life of those you know?)
G. Why did you choose this poem?