Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1453. Tacky the Penguin guided reading

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Dec 19 10:48:43 PST 1999 by deb ().
Coloma Elementary, South Haven, MI USA
Concepts Taught: venn diagram, compare contrast, penguins

Tacky the Penguin
Helen Lester

Day one -- Read aloud Tacky the Penguin for enjoyment during SSR time. I like to read the books to the kids before they read for other reasons when we aren't going to read the whole book in one sitting. Sometimes I don't, but usually I try to read the book the day before I use it. There isn't a right or wrong. Also it isn't a hard, fast rule.


Day two -- today only read to PAGE 13 (before the hunters come)
Set purpose for reading as finding the ways that Tacky acts tacky compared to the companions.

some possibilities:
His name is "Tacky".
Hearty slap on the back and loud "What's happening?"
Marched all over the place 1-2-3 4-2 3-6-0 etc.
Splashy cannonballs.
Sings songs like "How many toes does a fish have?"

Their names are Lovely Goodly Angel Perfect and Neatly.
Greeted each other quietly and politely.
Marched 1-2-3-4.
Graceful dives.
Sing songs like "Sunrise on the Iceberg"


Day three -- to finish the book set the purpose for reading as listing all the ways that Tacky saves the day. How did Tacky being different help the other penguins?

I give the kids sticky notes to put into the book to mark their places. Another option is to give them a book mark with a penguin clip art at the top and have them write their findings on the bookmark.

Reading Response follow up -----

I have the kids write about a time they were different from their friends and how that was good or bad and why. Reread the last page "Tacky was an odd bird, but very nice to have around." Can the students think of a time they were the odd bird or someone else was, and still nice to have around????

Day four and five --- the kids read Tacky the Penguin Reader's Theatre.