Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1468. bingo - some ideas

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Dec 30 16:51:53 PST 1999 by Sherrin (
Materials Required: bingo grid (blank - 1 per player any size), 2 ten sided dice (numbered 0-9)(two colours works best)
Activity Time: as short or long as interest lasts
Concepts Taught: ideas for place value of 2 digit numbers, word/digit matching/ more/less

*You can make your own bingo boards, whatever size you need, by creating a "table" in a word processing or other program*
* There are heaps more ideas for bingo - it can be modified for lots of concepts*

Place Value Bingo
Put numerals and words for the numbers you want to practise in the squares. Either roll two ten-sided(numbered 0-9) dice (use 2 different colours -red is always tens and white is always ones), or use cards (0-9, children pick up two at a time), and the children have to work out and say the number and cover it with a counter on their board, if they have it.
Winner is the one who covers all squares

Other uses for bingo:
numbers - have numbers on player's cards and representations on caller's card - use words/numerals/ representations or combinations on both caller's and player's cards
- difficult numbers, eg 13, 31, 72, 27, 19, 91 - use words/numerals
- place value - represent numbers, eg 96, 4 tens 3 ones, twenty-three and pictorially - children match representations on cards with numbers on their board
- ordinal numbers - use representations, 1st, sixth
- addition/subtraction facts - player's cards have answers on them, caller's cards have facts on them,
- before/after bingo - choose whether it will be a "number before" or "number after" game. Player's cards have numerals on them, roll a 10-sided die. If player has any number which comes eg before that number, or in the
tens that come before it, they cover it. (You could also use two or more ten-sided dice for this one - roll one dice for single numbers or roll two different coloured dice for tens and ones (eg red and white - the red is always "tens")
- more/less bingo - as before/after bingo, but play it as one more/one less/ten more/ten less bingo. Player's cards have assorted numbers eg ten more/one more than those on caller's cards