Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1469. some ideas for a concentration/memory game

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Dec 30 16:59:06 PST 1999 by Sherrin (
Materials Required: pairs of cards - make them to suit concept area to be revised
Activity Time: as long as interest lasts
Concepts Taught: number representation, number facts, time, money

Concentration (also called Memory)

This game is usually played with pairs of cards. Cards are shuffled and placed face down. Children take turns in picking up two cards at a time. If cards match, they keep them. If not, cards are placed face down again. (It can also be played with children picking up three or four cards at a time, depending on what is written on cards and objectives of the activity.)
Children then remember where cards are placed, for when it's their turn, to collect matches.

Some uses:
number representations - use words, tens and ones, pictorial, numerals and numbers in tens/ones column
- use numerals on cards and different ways of adding numbers to get total on the pair eg one card - 7, other cards - 4+3, 5+2
-addition/subtraction facts - have the fact on one card and the answer on "its pair"
- count-back zero and count-back one cards could have the same answers (eg 5-1 and 4-0 are a match)
-addition - set out algorithms on cards, children solve before finding/picking up the "answer" - answers could be face up or down
-money - matching representations of each coin, eg five cents, 5 cents, 5 c and pictorial
- matching equivalent coins, eg pictures of a fifty cent on one card and pictures of two twenty cents and a ten cent on another, and another combinations on another card
-time - clock face on one card, time in digital numerals/analogue words on another