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Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

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#147. "The Giving Tree"

Literature, level: Pre-School
Posted by Lindsey Lohr (lllohr@hamlet.uncg.edu).
UNCG Ed student/Summer Camp Director, Archdale, NC
Materials Required: "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein, apples, washable paint, construction paper, a good attitude!
Activity Time: 1 day-2 days

Read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein to your students. Go over the moral of the story. As the story goes along, have children guess if the man is really happy.
After reading:
-paint with apples. Slice apples in halves. Dip into tempra paint and stencil paint construction paper with different paints of apples. Lots of fun, but can really be messy with 3 year olds.

-have an apple for snack. Discuss nutrition, why apples are a good snack.

-cooking center, make a snack with apples such as apples with peanut butter on top

-make an "Apple Cookbook". Let children invent recipes involving apples and then give the kids and opportunity to draw pictures of their recipies.
Bind the books with ribbon and pretty paper. Take home to parents, or keep in classroom

-Play an estimation game with apple seeds. Guess how many is in an apple. Take out and count together.