Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1470. number jigsaws

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Dec 30 17:06:40 PST 1999 by Sherrin (
Materials Required: shapes (any) that are divided into sections, and cut up - a "jigsaw"
Activity Time: as long as interest lasts
Concepts Taught: number representation

Make jigsaws - any shape or size (they can be simple squares/ rectangles, divided into 3 parts, with the number words on one section, numeral digit on another and a picture or representation of number on the tird section - each square has a different number represented three ways). Each is then cut into pieces (in a zigzag line, to make it easier to match pieces) and placed with others in a container. Children then try to reassembe pieces to make the correct representations of each number.

You could also use other shapes, depending on theme being studied, eg draw a seal and cut each into pieces for a sea theme, draw an alien ship and cut each into pieces for a space them.

They keep longer if laminated before cutting up.