Grade: Elementary

#1471. Corduroy Mini-unit

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Dec 30 17:22:22 PST 1999 by Susan Nixon (
Cartwright School, Phoenix, USA
Materials Required: See lesson
Activity Time: 3 class periods
Concepts Taught: See lesson


Materials: buttons (at least 2 pounds);
Corduroy by Don Freeman;
journals; pencils; crayons;

OBJECTIVE ONE: Students will write free flowing thoughts and feelings in their journals.

ACTIVITIES: Students will practice observation skills.

Students will write using adjectives to describe an object.

Students will choose a special button from among many unusual buttons. They will write a description of the button and why they chose that particular one.

(This activity may be expanded by having students put their buttons into a large group of other buttons and seeing if they can find their own again.)

Students will write about from where their special button came and what its purpose was.

OBJECTIVE TWO: Students will sort and classify buttons.

ACTIVITIES: Students will write to describe the process they used to sort and classify their buttons.

Students will graph classes of buttons they grouped.

OBJECTIVE THREE: Students will write about where Corduroy's original button went/how it was lost, etc.

ACTIVITIES: Students will listen to Corduroy by Don Freeman.

Students will brainstorm ideas about Corduroy's missing button.

Students will choose an idea about Corduroy's button and write about it in their journals.