Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1477. Sight Word Mania

Language, level: Elementary
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Hot Springs School District (Sub but Certified teacher), Hot Springs, AR USA
Materials Required: listed below in lesson planSight Word Mania
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: Sight Word Recognition

Sight Word Mania

Subject Area: Language Arts
Grade Level: K-3
Objective: Students will become familiar with the most common words with this sight word game.
Materials Needed:
1. Laminated sight word flash cards(homemade)
2. container for card storage
3. stop watch
4. 3 cards with Mania on them.
5. Three cards with Draw 2 on them.

1.This game can be played by small groups.
2. Make a stack of sight word cards and place them face down in the middle of a table or desk.
3. One student will draw a card from the stack.
4. Student is to recite the word on the card.
5. If the word is correct the student keeps the card. If wrong put card on bottom of stack.
6. If a student draws a "Draw Two" card that student will have to get both words correct to keep both cards.
7. If the student draws a Mania card that student will have to put all their cards back on the bottom of the stack.
8. The teacher will need to supervise this game so the students will definately know the word they call out from their card is correct.
9. The student with the most cards when all cards are gone wins the game.

Note to the teacher: The sight word cards can also be used for drill and practice anytime. This game is also a great way of observing whether one's students are retaining the sight words. Only use the words that one has already gone over with the students before using this game.