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#1483. Wind Socks

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Jan 1 19:22:01 PST 2000 by Susan A. Smith ().
Pat Henry Elementary School, Lawton, OK
Materials Required: Construction paper, glue,scissors, string, academic facts
Activity Time: minimum 1 hour, depending on your class level

Wind socks can be made for any academic subject. I use them for all areas. Several examples follow:

1. Social Studies: map skills- Continents: students draw or color xerox copies of maps of the seven continents. Cut each out. To make the wind sock use a piece of 11 X 17 construction paper. Roll it either direction, student preference. With another color paper cut out seven strips or cut out one strip each of seven colors (one for each continent). Glue each continent on a strip. Label the continent and tell several interesting facts about it.Glue the strips around the roll when each is completed. Punch two holes in the top and put a piece of string through them to hang the Wind Sock ( where depends on your fire marshall's codes!)

2. Reading: Label each strip with Plot/Character/Setting/ etc. Students draw a picture for each strip and write several details to go with that strip.

3. English: Parts of Speech- either label each strip with a different part of speech OR use one such as NOUNS. Past/present/future nouns can be written on each strip.
Whichever topic you use should be fully taught before doing this activity because students will hang these and want accurate products.

4. Science: any topic in science makes a good wind sock. Once I used these as an alternative to a test. Students can write about the planets and the sun, giving facts about each one. Simple Machines- cut out pictures and label each of the machines and its purpose. Digestive System: draw pictures of each part of this system, tell how each one works ( glue them on in sequential order).

5. Math- Fractions: Cut out or draw examples of fractions that are equivalent for 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc.
- Geometry: make 3-D models of geometric shapes, glue on strips, tell the name of each and any information you feel they need to be able to tell you.