Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1489. guided reading Uncle Elephant by Arnold Lobel

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Coloma Elementary School, Sputh Haven, MI USA
Concepts Taught: guided reading, predicting

Uncle Elephant
By Arnold Lobel

Set the purpose:
What happens when you open the door? (You are generating the idea that it is the beginning of something. By opening the door, the elephant is beginning an adventure with his Uncle Elephant.

Read the first chapter: Uncle Elephant Opens the Door

What does it mean when the elephant has more wrinkles than
----- a tree has leaves?
----- a beach has sand?
----- the sky has stars?

Why is elephant sitting in the dark? How do you know? (Using your head and reading the story make you realize that the elephant is sitting in the dark because he is sad.)


Chapter two: Uncle Elephant Counts the Poles

What do the elephants do to pass the time on the train? (Find answer in the book and read the sentences)

What do you do in the car on a long car trip to pass the time? (Connect the story to your lives)


Chapter three: Uncle Elephant Lights a Lamp

What do the elephants wish for? Read the sentences that tell you the answer.

If you had a magic lamp what would you wish for?

Chapter four: Uncle Elephant Trumpets the Dawn

What is Uncle doing in the garden? How does he help his nephew feel welcome? (Read in the book where you find the answers.)

What do your aunts or uncles or grandparents do in their special place? (Connecting to your life)


Chapter five: Uncle Elephant Feels the Creaks

Where does Uncle Elephant feel his creaks? How does he feel better? What does he do to feel better. (Find in the story and have the kids reread where they find the answers.)


Chapter six: Uncle Elephant Tells a Story

How is the story like what is happening with Uncle Elephant and the baby elephant?


Chapter seven: Uncle Elephant Wears His Clothes

What does the elephant do to cheer up the baby elephant?


Chapter eight: Uncle Elephant Writes a Song

This is the chapter for WORKING WITH WORDS. There are a lot of rhyming pairs in the song that Uncle Elephant writes for the baby elephant. Do the ROUNDING UP RHYMES activity with this chapter.

Chapter nine: Uncle Elephant Closes the Door

Before reading the book, remind the students that the first chapter was Open the door. Reread the first chapter. Then make predictions about what will happen in the last chapter.

Read the story.

Discuss --- did the predictions come true, what adjustments in your predictions were needed?