Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1496. glphs --- hat

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Jan 6 16:30:24 PST 2000 by for Patty from primary's chatboard ().

Picture a snow hat (like a ski hat) with a pom-pom at the

pattern of hat

light blue = boy
pink = girl

If you like chicken soup put a = green pompom
" " vegetable soup put an = orange pompom

If you like winter = draw a snowman
" " summer = draw a sun

On the bottom of the hat there is a trim, just like the one
on a mitten. (I hope you get the picture)

If you like hats, color the trim = white
If you do not like hats color the trim = yellow
(you can also use cotton fot the trim)

If you have been on a sled = draw lines
If you have never been on a sled = draw cicles