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#1499. Valentine's Glyph

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Posted Fri Jan 7 16:56:11 PST 2000 by posted for JenSue ().

Post: Valentine's Day Glyph - here!

Posted by JenSue on 1/06/00

This is the glyph that I did with my 2nd graders last year,
because I was definitely not going to make "heart people."
I precut the paper, and gave each child the size that they
needed. They did this all with crayons. I hung them from
the ceiling with a string that was tied through a hole
punched in one corner. We named them our "air mail"
valentine postcards. You may have to touch this up,
depending on how the data comes through.

Valentine Postcard Glyph

1. What is your favorite kind of valentine candy?
CHOCOLATE -- postcard is 6 by 8 inches
CINNAMON HEARTS -- postcard is 6 by 9 inches
CONVERSATION HEARTS -- postcard is 6 by 10 inches

2. How often do you eat candy? Draw hearts on your
A LOT -- 4 hearts
SOMETIMES -- 3 hearts
NEVER -- 2 hearts

3. What is your favorite candy filling? Draw on your
COCONUT -- up and down stripes
NUTS - side-ways stripes
CARAMEL -- dots

4. It's fun to read the sayings on candy hearts. Which
saying is most like you? Color your background to match
your choice.
"RED HOT" -- red background
"COOL DUDE" -- blue background
"TOO CUTE" -- pink background
"SMART COOKIE" -- purple background