Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1504. penguin glyph

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jan 10 18:44:12 PST 2000 by posted for Paula from the primary site chatboard ().
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Re: Penguin Glyph
Posted by Paula,, on 1/08/00

Yesterday I tried my hand at my first glyph. Used a penguin pattern as
a base, added round or oval white chest (boy or girl) standing or
sitting(want snow/don't want snow) r,y,b,or g scarf(favorite season),
stripes on scarf if you have a sled, polka dots if you don't, hat if
you LIKED THIS ACTIVITY, no hat if you didn't. Glad to say we had 100%
hatted penguins! The had a ball, and make a unique bulletin board.
Next week we'll collect data as a center activity.