Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1507. Las partes del cuerpo

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 16 09:52:02 PST 2000 by Elsa Sosa-Glasford (
Coffeen Elementary School, Sheridan, WY
Materials Required: A big picture of a cat and a 10 little mice colored in different colors
Activity Time: 15 to 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Review the parts of the body and the colors using a game

A. Use a big picture of a cat and help the students name the parts of the body including la cola. You can start by saying: El gato se lava los ojos. El gato se lava las manos. Use movement and gestures with the part of the body you are using.
B. Use the little colored mice to review the colors.
Tengo un raton verde. Tengo un raton gris.
C. Give all the mice to one kid and give him instructions to place the mice in different parts of the body.
Pon el raton azul en la cola. Pon el raton negro en las manos. Pon el raton rojo en los pies.