Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1508. Graphing Game

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 16 12:55:45 PST 2000 by A.Gable (
Villa Rica Primary, Carrollton, USA
Materials Required: wooden block, paper, pencil, small round stickers
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Graphing

Put a sticker on all sides of a wooden block/cube. The children will have a sheet of paper lined off to show columns. Put each of the six stickers at the bottom of a column. Children will roll dice to see which sticker they roll the most of in 10 minutes. As they roll a certain sticker, the children should put an X beside the sticker they rolled. After ten minutes is up, the children will count the number of X's in each column. The column with the most X's wins. The child with the most X's also wins the game.