Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#1512. Parts Of Speech Unit

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Jan 16 23:26:00 PST 2000 by Colleen Gallagher ().
Parts Of Speech Unit
Concepts Taught: Grammar

Parts Of Speech Bingo YOU WILL NEED: -provide each student with a blank bingo board. The board should have four rows of four squares -bingo chips/paper -container with 16 cards in it: 4 should say noun, 4 should say adjective, 4 pronoun, and 4 verb. THIS IS HOW IT GOES: 1.) Provide each child with a blank lotto board. 2.) Tell the students to randomly place 4 verbs, 4 nouns, 4 pronouns, 4 adjectives. 3.) When everyone is ready draw a part of speech from the container. 4.) Read the card and have the students cover a correct square. 5.) The first person to cover four squares horizontally or vertically yells out BINGO. 6.) To win the game he must read aloud each word and state its part of speech for verification. 7.) Award the student and play again

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