Grade: Elementary

#1524. Camping vests

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jan 19 22:42:18 PST 2000 by Gracie Currie (
home school, Allen, TX
Materials Required: brown grocery store paper sacks, scissors, glue , "patches" reproduced for children to "earn"
Activity Time: 30 minutes per day for 10 days
Concepts Taught: various social strategies for camping

At the end of two weeks, the children will be able to tie a knot, make s'mores, role -play correct swimming motions, recite fire safety, and other neat camping procedures you may want to include.

Take a large paper grocery sack, cut down the middle of one side, a hole in the top for the childs neck, two arm holes on either side, and turn inside out ( so no writing is on the front)This is their "camping vest". As you teach a camping "skill" such as how to make s'mores, and each child demonstrates it correctly, they earn a "badge" (sound familiar all you scouts of America?)and it is glued on the vest. To make the badges, draw 10 circles on a piece of paper and draw a small picture in each circle to rep. the skill (a bandaid for learning first aid techniques, a fire for fire safety, a knot for tying knots, etc...) Once the vest is complete, go for an outdoor camping adventure! There are a lot of other camping ideas found in the book Holidays and Celebrations, under Father's Day.