Grade: other
Subject: Games

#1533. Lettris

Games, level: other
Posted Wed Jan 26 11:22:10 PST 2000 by Rudolph Thomas (
ioX Solutions, Bloemfontein, South Africa
Materials Required: Computer 166MMX, Windows 95,98
Activity Time: N/A
Concepts Taught: Spelling, word recognition, keyboard skills

Lettris is an educational game that was designed by ioX Solutions, to promote the players spelling and keyboard skills. This game can be used by parents to promote their childs spelling or simply just to enjoy. Lettris is for young and old people.

The aim of the game is to arrange letters in such a way that words can be spelled. The Dictionary contains the most frequently used words together with some abreviations. As soon as the game recognises a correct spelling the letter blocks of the word will be removed from the playing field. All of your nicely arranged letters will then fall down causing you to replan your word building.