Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1535. Planets activity for early elementary

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Jan 26 16:07:48 PST 2000 by SHARON (
Esteps' Academy, Austin, US
Materials Required: black construction paper, glow in the dark paint OR solar system stickers. (Walmart in craft sectio
Activity Time: To be done after unit
Concepts Taught: Solar System lineage

Very basic and simple. Give every child a piece of black construction paper, along with glow in the dark paint or stickers, and instruct child on where to place or paint the planets. When finished let child paint or stick stars on paper. Using glow in the dark paint is alot more enjoyable and gives the child more sense of accomplishment. Also its neat for the child to take home for the refridgerator or bedroom wall and watch it glow when the lights are out.