Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#1539. Flyswatter Vocabulary

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Jan 29 11:22:20 PST 2000 by Kathy Thomas (wkthomas@pionet,net).
Woodrow Wilson Middle , Sioux City, IA
Materials Required: Overhead projector, words on transparency,2 different colored flyswatters
Activity Time: class period or more

Vocabulary words can be used from any content area.
Make a grid much like a bingo sheet,
and place a review word in each box.
Make a transparency of this to be used on the blackboard.
Divide the class into 2 teams.
Have one student from each team come to the board,
and as the teacher reads a sentence,
using a blank for the review word,
the students "swat" the correct word.
The flyswatter that lands on the correct word gets a point for their team.
The team with the most points at the end of the time gets treats.