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#1540. Comprehension Questions for Magic Tree House #13: Vacation..

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: book: Magic Tree House #13: Vacation Under the Volcano
Concepts Taught: reading comprehension

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Magic Tree House #13: Vacation Under the Volcano

Chapter 1
1. Who are the characters in the story?

2. Why did Annie and Jack check the woods every morning?

3. What did Morgan tell Annie and Jack they needed to get for their first mission?

Chapter 2
1. On page 10 it says, They had landed in a grove of trees. What does the word grove mean in that sentence?

2. Name three ways Pompeii is like the town where you live.

3. What is the center of a Roman town called?

4. What do you think Annie was scared of?

Chapter 3
1. On page 21, it says, They waited for a moment, then peered around the corner. What does the word peered mean?

2. How did people take baths in Pompeii?
Would you like to take baths like that? Why or why not?

3. What is a column?

Draw one here:

4. What is a myth?

5. What do you think a gladiator is?

Chapter 4
1. A gladiator is ____________

2. The people of Pompeii thought gladiator fights were great fun. Do you think a gladiator fight would be fun?
Why or why not?

3. An amphitheater is ___________

4. Why did the soothsayer think the end was near? (Hint: What did she say about the animals on page 31?)

5. Where did the soothsayer tell Jack and Annie to find the book they were looking for?

Chapter 5
1. What are some things that Jack and Annie saw in the villa?

2. What is different about the way people in Roman times ate than the way we eat today?

3. Why couldnt Jack and Annie find any regular books (like the kind you take out of the library)?

Chapter 6
1. What does handwritten mean? (page 42)

2. Romans used sundials to

3. Why did Jack and Annie want to leave Pompeii quickly?

Chapter 7
1. What does the word trembling mean? (page 47)

2. Describe what was happening in Pompeii in chapter 7.

3. On page 49 Jack says that lava is like ______________.

Chapter 8
1. What does the word fiery mean?

2. What did the hot, dusty air smell like?

3. Find the word that means the same as disappeared on page 58.

Chapter 9
1. What does the word ancient mean?

2. What happened when Jack asked the story to save them?

3. What does the word bank mean on page 64?

Chapter 10
1. What does the word hoarse mean on page 67?

2. What happened to the people of Pompeii?

3. Who did Annie and Jack think saved them from the volcano?

Pretend you are doing a book review for the newspaper. Write three or four sentences telling what the book was about. Be sure to tell if you liked the book or not. (Dont give away the ending!)