Grade: all
Subject: Language

#1548. Fun with Picture #2

Language, level: all
Posted Tue Feb 1 21:21:33 PST 2000 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama Board of Education, Japan
Materials Required: pictures
Activity Time: 15 min
Concepts Taught: creating questions

Fun with Pictures #2 (Activity, about 15 minutes.)

1. The students will create original, written questions pertaining to a picture they have been given.

1. First create a number of picture cards by taking pictures cut out of magazines and pasting them onto construction paper or some other type of backing. (Personally, I have a huge collection of picture cut out from magazines. They always come in very handy and can be used in so many different ways. Besides, it is a very cheap resource.). You can find pictures that depict all sorts of new vocabulary whether it is nouns, verbs, or adjectives. You can practice them all.
2. Divide the class up into small groups. I recommend groups of 2 or 4 students.
3. Next, either let each group choose a picture or simply give each group one picture.
4. At the same time, give each group some scrap paper and one official paper that is to be handed in at the end of the activity.
5. Next, tell the students they have 10 minutes to create as many questions as possible incorporating the picture into each question.
6. Give the students an example before you let them begin working by themselves. Here is an example. Hold up a picture of an apple. Then begin to write several questions on the board. Do you like apples? How many apples do you have? Is this apple bigger than that one?
7. After you have given the students a few examples, let them go to work. You can ask them to write a minimum number of questions, or you can turn it into a contest to see how many questions each group can come up with.
8. Remind them that only questions written on the official sheet will be scored.
9. At the end of the designated time, collect the official sheets
10. Correct the mistakes, provide feedback, and hand them back next period.