Grade: all
Subject: Language

#1549. Fun with Pictures #3

Language, level: all
Posted Tue Feb 1 21:23:26 PST 2000 by Thad Schmenk (
Matsuyama Board of Education, Japan
Materials Required: pictures
Activity Time: 40 min
Concepts Taught: writing a stroy or dialogue

Fun with Pictures #3 (Activity, about 40 minutes.)

1. Working in groups of 2 to 4 students, the students will create a story or a dialogue in the target language incorporating the pictures they have been given.
2. The students will write the story legibly.

1. First create a number of picture cards by taking pictures cut out of magazines and pasting them onto construction paper or some other type of backing. (For this activity, it is important to have pictures of nouns, people, and places.)
2. Next, divide the class into groups of 2 or 4.
3. Provide the students with scratch paper.
4. Next, let each group choose a picture from the gpersonh pile, gplaceh pile, and gthingh pile.
5. Now, explain to your students that they must write either a story or a dialogue in the target language using the pictures that have selected. Tell them they must some how incorporate the pictures into the story or dialogue. You may also want to set a minimum sentence length to the assignment.
6. It is probably best if you offer the students a short example of the task.
7. While the students are working on the project, walk around and encourage the students and answer any questions they may have.
8. At the end of the allotted time, collect the papers.
9. Correct the major mistakes and give correctional hints towards simple mistake.
10. Hand out the stories again to the students during the next class, and have them correct their mistakes and re-write the story or dialogue on a nicer sheet of paper. Perhaps you could prepare fancier paper for them.
11. If you have access to a bulletin board, you may want to display a few of the better stories with the respective pictures for all to see and enjoy.

It is easy to have the students write the story in a particular tense that you want them to practice.