Grade: Elementary
Subject: Games

#1552. Car Wash

Games, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Feb 2 11:57:48 PST 2000 by Stacey Sandrin (
Roosevelt Elementary, Port Huron, MI
Materials Required: cut out of word from spelling list
Activity Time: 10 minutes
Concepts Taught: Spelling Practice

To begin this spelling practice lesson, give each student a letter, A or B and a print out of a word from the spelling list. The A's line up on one side, and the B's line up, facing someone. The A's tell the B's their words and they spell it, then the B's tell the A's their words and they spell it. After each child has quizzed the other, I have them give each other a high 5. When all are finished, the A's take one step right, thus having a new student to exchange words with. This is an easy way to practice spelling.