Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

#1557. Friendship and Sharing

Literature, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Feb 5 20:48:57 PST 2000 by laura.
Materials Required: Copy of the book 'One of Each' by Mary Ann Hoberman and Marjorie Preman
Activity Time: 15-30 min.(be flexible)
Concepts Taught: friends/sharing/individual differences

Read the book "One of Each" and discuss Oliver Tolliver and Peggoty Small's dilemma in the book and what we need to know in order to share with others. Then let children choose partners or randomly assign each child a partner and give each pair a sheet of paper. Instruct them to fold the paper in half(like a taco...instead of a hot dog)and tell them they are the cat and dog in the story and must have "two" of each to share evenly. The children must take turns drawing things that are alike. For might say... "friend # 1, draw your favorite animal on your side of the paper"...then friend #2 must draw that same animal on their side of the paper. Take turns back and forth drawing what the other friend suggests. Some suggestions for drawing are: favorite animals, your name "rainbow style", shapes, numbers, fish, objects in nature(the sun, trees, flowers etc.)...the possibilities are endless. The children enjoy this activity and many great discussions are had as they draw together. They are learning to share and give compliments and are making connections about how to be friend. After the drawing is complete I have the two 'friends' share their creation with the rest of the group. We talk about what was difficult about sharing a drawing and what they liked the best. This book and the activity have been one of the all time favorites in the Kindergarten scrapbook that I have at the end of the year. Enjoy! laura