Grade: all
Subject: Science

#1559. name a crayon

Science, level: all
Posted Mon Feb 7 16:36:35 PST 2000 by Sheryl Kratsas (
Jefferson County Vocational School, Bloomingdale, Ohio
Materials Required: the largest box with the most different colored crayons that you can find
Activity Time: one class period
Concepts Taught: observational skills, communication of descriptions

1.) write the names of the crayons on a sheet of paper
2.) give each crayon a number ex. red # 2
3.) black-out the name of the crayon with a really dark black marker
4.) ask the students to pick-out the red crayon and write the corresponding number of the crayon on the board-allow any/all students to attempt this. i always say "you all know your colors, you passed kindergarten, right!"
5.) share the "real red" 's number with the students so that they can see if they picked out the "real red"
6.) conduct a discussion about what the "real red" is? the
original red-are the other red crayons not red?
7.) give each group of 2-3 students a crayon and make them think of names for it other than it's real name. ex. give them yellow - they must think of names like big bird, sunshine, lemmon or whatever they think it looks like
8.) allow the groups to share their names
9.) read the different crayon names to the students so that they can compare them.
10.) conduct discussion of recording observations- is the solution red or "light stop sign!"