Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#1567. Transcendentalism: Emerson and Thoreau Projects

Literature, level: Senior
Posted Fri Feb 11 05:36:16 PST 2000 by Michael R. Parent (
Manchester Regional High School, Haledon, NJ
Materials Required: time, creativity, video camera
Activity Time: 1 week

Make a 10-minute video presentation that reflects Emerson's ideas of transcendentalism, or self-reliance. You can also choose to depict Thoreau's ideas of civil disobedience.
Create a poster that depicts two world figures that used civil disobedience to protest a social issue. . . identify their names and use a scene from a protest that shows civil disobedience.
Draw and color a picture that shows the beliefs of Emerson or of Thoreau. . . you can decide to show your interpretation of transcendentalism or your vision of Thoreau's life in Walden Woods.
Create a poster that you think Thoreau would have designed to make his point about civil disobedience.