Grade: Elementary
Subject: 4 Blocks

#1579. guided reading FROGS nonfiction

4 Blocks, level: Elementary
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Concepts Taught: guided reading, Frogs

Fantastic Frogs! 0-590-52269-8
My Little Book of Frogs and Toads 0-307-02474-1
Flashy Fantastic Rainforest Frogs 0-590-10861-1
The Frog Alphabet Book 0-590-10252-4

Guided Reading Day 1
Teacher should introduce that we are going to learn about Frogs and Toads. We will be reading 4 different books. The children will have opportunities to read all 4 books from the book baskets during ssr time next week.

Divide children into 4 groups, any grouping. 5 minutes with each book. The groups spend 5 minutes with each book, the teacher tells the class when to rotate. Then the children write down their first choice, their second choice, and their third choice. This allows the children to choose and the teacher to meet the reading needs of the class.

Guided Reading Day 2

Set the Purpose for Reading
Start a graphic organizer with the alphabet chart. I use a 5 by 6 square chart. In each square is a letter of the alphabet. The remaining 4 boxes can be "name", "date", "Frog Facts", and name of book. Each small group will fill in one graphic organizer as a group. Also, I often start a graphic organizer as a whole group that the kids add to in our follow up discussions after reading each day. The class graphic organizer can be an overhead or a poster or recorded on the board, whatever works for you and the class.

Purpose for reading: Teacher says, "As you are reading today look for frog words, frog names, and frog facts that start with A B C D E F G and H. Read you book looking for words that will fit in these boxes. I encourage the children to read a whole page then look back for words that begin with these letters.

After Reading
The small groups tell what they found for their letters. I record all the answers on the class chart compiling answers.

Guided Reading Day 3
Same as Day 2, except letters I J K L M N O P and Q

Guided Reading Day 4
Same as Day 2, except letters R S T U V W X Y and Z

The children are rereading the books on days 2, 3, and 4.

On Day 5 after the guided reading is completed, we spend writing block time writing a class ABC book. Each child participates. We make a class ABC book using our words. We write a sentence about each word for each letter. The class divides up the pages for illustrations.