Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1585. Ice Breaker

other, level: Middle
Posted Wed Apr 3 07:56:05 PST 2002 by Tandy Braid (
Page County, Luray, VA
Materials Required: see below
Activity Time: 30
Concepts Taught: see below

Middle School Curriculum- Skittles Ice Breaker. 30 minute period depending on class size.

Materials Needed: Package of Skittles or other inexpensive candy to share. Tell students to pick a
pieces of candy- between one-ten. Go around the room in this fashion without giving specific
directions. Tell students no eating their candy until they have been given directions. Then
disclose to them that for every piece of candy they pick they have to tell the class something
about themselves that no one else knows.( Make sure that they only pick between 1-10 pieces
otherwise they'll be overwhelmed by how much they have to tell and you'll run out of candy!)
Super Fun Activity- The first weeks of school I was known as the Skittles Lady!