Grade: Elementary

#1587. slavery unit/ viatelecommunications project

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 21 06:17:38 PST 2000 by Joan Gilliland (
coldwater elementary, Coldwater, OHIO
Materials Required: internet, worksheets from sites
Activity Time: 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: study slavery while mapping out a route to Canada


Objectives: The students will research the conductor sites to find routes to hide their slaves.

Procedures: Groups of 4-5
*The students will be given a map to map out a route to hide 15 slaves.
*The group must use 4-5 stations to hide their slaves
*After they find their stations they will give 3-4 clues about their stations to pass on to another group. The other groups will use their clues to find their slave stations and how many were left at each station.
*The groups must create a number sentence as a separate clue so the groups can figure out how many slaves were left at that station.
*The groups/classes will switch their clues and work to find the states and number of slaves at each station. Once everyone is completed and have their maps mapped out we will respond by via telecommunications to give the answers.

Resources on the internet:
*Stations: (site includes all states and their information)
*Maps (shows map with all states, click on your state)

Other Activities:
*Students will answer questions and vocabulary about slavery. (copy the worksheets and vocabulary)
*Each group will create a power point presentation on 2 of the stations. They will need to come up with some codes that they would use for the slaves to know that it was a safe station. (ex. Lights, statues, quilts)
*Underground Railroad quiz: (