Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#1588. Animal Habitats

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Feb 21 07:20:26 PST 2000 by Christine (
Instructor, Sungnam, Korea
Materials Required: index cards or construction paper, crayon, markers, stickies, scissors

I did this with my small class while we were learning about animals. Draw on a big index card or thick paper where animals live such as plain, forest, jungle, river, desert, and snow and ice. Draw animals for each place(deer for plain, bear for forest,..) on a different sheet of paper and cut them out. Paste stickies(?) on the back of the animals and on each animal habitat. You can ask what animals live here? After they answer you stick the animals on each paper where they live. I got this idea using stickies from Sunday school and put it into practice with animal habitats. The children really enjoyed it and wanted to keep the animal drawings. Also if it is a small group let them put the animals on each picture after you have done all of them first.