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Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#1592. Study-wise, Test-Smart

other, level: Middle
Posted Wed Feb 23 06:25:19 PST 2000 by Virginia Martin (
Ketron Middle School, Sullivan County, TN
Materials Required: Computers with internet capability, posterboard, markers
Activity Time: 5-6 class periods
Concepts Taught: Acquiring basic skills and attitudes for learning

Tennessee Student Standard Guidance (6-8): Acquiring basic skills and attitudes for learning

Tennessee Student Competency:

Describe ways to organize study area at school and at home.
Demonstrate good note-taking skills.
Develop a personal schedule using time-management skills.
Describe ways to study for different types of tests.

Teacher Preparation: Check all URL's to be sure they are still working.

Lesson 1: The Study Environment

Divide the class into small groups of 4-5 students. Ask each group to appoint a "scribe" to take notes.
Access the internet sites below and learn about setting up the study environment.
Have students describe where they study at home and come up with their own suggestions as to
how their study environment might be improved. Reassemble class and share ideas.

Assign poster project. Each group is to create a poster on the topic assigned to them from the list of student
competencies above. Poster is due the last class.

Internet Resources:

Lesson 2: Taking Notes

Give each group one of the links below and ask them to pick out the most important points and writte them
down in good note-taking form. They may copy and paste to the word processor if they wish. Reassemble the
class and share what they have learned.

Internet Resources:

Lesson 3: Scheduling and time management

Give each group two of the links below and ask them to pick out the most important points
to share with the class. Take notes on word processor. Which suggestions seem easiest to
implement? Which would be hardest? Assignment: Prepare a time chart for studying during
the next five days. Record on your chart the times you actually spent in study, the course
you were working on, the place you were in, and the method of study/review you used.

Internet Resources:

Lesson 4: Studying for Tests

Discuss which types of tests students normally encounter. Which do they find to be
the easiest? Which the hardest? Ask each student to go to one of the following
internet sites and take notes on hints for studying for the type of test he/she
finds most difficult. Share results with the class.

Internet Resources:

Essay questions:
Short answer test:

Sentence completion:

Lesson 5: Students present their posters and give brief oral explanation of what
it represents in terms of study skills learned in this unit.

Evaluation: Evaluation will be based on student performance in group activities,
successful completion of written work related to classroom assignments,
participation in class discussion, and completion of poster with oral