Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#1594. Personal Poetry Folder

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 24 12:01:47 PST 2000 by Kristi (
Marian High, Omaha
Materials Required: handout of requirements, materials of their own, an example of finished product
Activity Time: 2 weeks- class time given to work, if needed
Concepts Taught: to apply poetry vocabulary

Personal Poetry Folder

This project was a great way for students to use their creative abilities. Towards the middle of our 4 week poetry unit, I handed the students for the requirements of the folder. They were required to find 3 'authored' poems and eventually write three of their own. I made the students apply 3 vocabulary words to each of the authored and self-authored poems. I also had them draw or create a symbol to represent the theme of one of the six poems. They were then required to put everything together in a booklet. The students could be as creative as they wanted. When the booklet was put together, it contained a cover sheet, the three self-authored poems, a vocabulary application sheet, 3 authored poems, another vocabulary sheet, and a symbol sheet placed before the poem that it signified.
The students enjoyed writing their own poetry and decorating the booklet. They didn't like applying the vocabulary as much- but they will thank me later!!
Good Luck! If you would like more details, please email me.