Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#1596. Impressed with Impressionism

Art, level: Middle
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Ketron Middle School, Sullivan County, TN
Materials Required: Computers with Internet access, library print materials on art
Activity Time: 6 class periods
Concepts Taught: Art history

TN Art Curriculum Standard for 8th grade: Children need many opportunities to look at and talk about art.

Learner Expectations:

Expend art vocabulary in discussing works of art
Distinguish characteristics of style in works of art
View and critique works of art in a museum or gallery
Interpret subject matter, themes, events, or symbols used in works of art

Who were the impressionist artists? What- if anything- did their works have in common?
In what ways were they influenced by the world around them? By artists of the past? Were they
rebelling against a previous style, carrying it a step further, or searching for a new way
of looking at and depicting what they saw?

Students will research Impressionism and the artists Monet, Manet, Degas and Renoir
for at least two class periods, using all resources available to them, including
the Internet.

Day 3-5: Give a test at end of research, covering the basics.
Have each student select one of the four artists and two of his paintings
to research and analyze. The information gathered should be written up as a minimum
three-page report with one page devoted to the artist and one page to each of the
paintings selected.

Day 6: Individual presentations. Student will tell his favorite painting, show it on a PowerPoint
slide (or art print, if one is available), and briefly describe how it is typical of the
impressionist style.

Evaluation: Quiz: 10%
Oral Presentation: 25%
Research paper: 65%

Internet Resources:


On line Galleries for viewing paintings: (good images, but text in French)