Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

#1598. ABC!

Literature, level: Pre-School
Posted Fri Feb 25 12:59:30 PST 2000 by Marianne Lenox (
Madison County Public Library, Hazel Green, AL
Materials Required: ABC Coloring pages
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Explring the ABCs in Childrens Literature


BOOKS: My Name is Alice by Jim Henson
A show of Hands by Mary Beth Sullivan
Pigs from A to Z by Arthur Geisert
Animals from A to Z by David McPhails
Alphabet Animals by Charles Sullivan
Have you ever seen...? by Beau Gardner

SONG: first do the ABC song, then do it again, leaving out letters. Let the children call out the letters I missed!

POETRY / STORYTELLING : Gunniwolf! with ABCs instead of the "kum wa" song

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: theme ABC's : animals, plants, people, names... it helped them hear the sound of the letter.

CRAFTS: ABC coloring pages
Items needed: print outs, crayons