Grade: Middle
Subject: Literature

#1600. Using technology to research fairy tales

Literature, level: Middle
Posted Sat Feb 26 06:12:12 PST 2000 by Barbara Edwards (
Arnold Memorial Elementary, Cleveland, TN USA
Materials Required: versions of Cinderella story, Internet access, word processing and draw document program
Activity Time: 7 or 8 hour long sessions
Concepts Taught: fairy tale elements, graphic organizers, Internet search

Students will read several Cinderella versions. After researching on the net kinds of graphic organizers, they will analyze and create an organizer to compare fairy tale elements in the versions read. With one of the versions, the student will create a storyboard organizer in a draw
document(such as in Claris Works). As a culminating activity, the student will write a modern day version of a Cinderella story. The final draft will be typed with a word processing document.