Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#1602. Melted Crayon Art

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Feb 28 18:20:50 PST 2000 by michele becker (
Y's World of Learning, Brainerd, MN
Materials Required: Warming tray, Mittens or socks that are ok to get crayon on, crayons peel labels, paper.
Activity Time: as long as child would like
Concepts Taught: Science solid objects melt with heat to create artistic pictures.

plug in warming tray and instruct children tray will be warm and the mittens or gloves are to protect their hands. Warming tray never heats to high a temperture. Show the children how holding the crayon in one spot and moving slowly back and forth makes the crayon appear to transform to paint! All my preschoolers have been delighted to see this transformation and it has led into discussions of other "things" that Melt. We have tried this activity with fabric taped on to the warming tray and used it for a Quilt and pillows for our room! Glitter crayons and scented crayons add a change to this activity also. I have done this activity with 2 1/2 up to 9 years old and they never seem to tire of it. We do this activity in the A.M and record which children have done it each day so rotations are fair. (We only own one warming tray at present.)