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Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#1603. "Inch by Inch"

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Feb 29 18:03:09 PST 2000 by Laurie Croft (lcroft@aol.com).
Socrum Elem., Lakeland, USA
Materials Required: ruler, yarn, paper, scissors, crayons, glue INCH BY INCH by Leo Lionni
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Measuring with a ruler in inches

Read the book title "Inch by Inch" by Leo Lionni. After reading the book, discuss how the worm "inched" away from the bird so the bird couldn't eat him. Give each student a piece of paper and several pieces of yarn, include a green piece. Children are to measure their own yarn in inches to create a path of line segments for the worm to sneak way. Then they are to create the scenery from the book. Finally, they add their measurements together to see how many inches the inchworm "inched" way. They use the green yarn to make an inchworm to glue to their paper.