Grade: Middle
Subject: Computer

#1607. The Power of Poetry

Computer, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 2 08:38:49 PST 2000 by Pamela D. Laurenzi (
Houston Middle School, Germantown, Tennessee
Materials Required: Internet accessable computers, word processing and draw programs, 8 1/2 X 14 inch paper
Activity Time: 1 to 2 weeks
Concepts Taught: Students will utilize the Internet to research figures of speech used in poetry and poetry terms


Students will develop literacy skills as they use the Internet to access poetry. Students will use a range of technology to analyze, evaluate, and interpret figurative language. The Internet and other computer applications will be introduced and used. The teacher may wish to provide Internet sites prior to student investigation.


Students will research figures of speech and poetry terms using the Internet.
Students will create a poetry anthology covering a list of poetry terms using a word processing program and draw pictures on a draw program about selected poems.
Students will copy and paste a poem found on the Internet by a particular poet. They will use a multimedia/paint program to illustrate the poem. They will write a paragraph explaining why a particular poem was selected and correctly cite the Internet resource.
Students will make a mini-book incorporating skills previously taught.


1. Students will define the following poetry terms, give examples of each, and copy and paste the url's where student's found the information.
free verse
nursery rhyme

2. Students will create a poetry anthology with the terms. The poems must be copied and
pasted into a word processing document giving the url and correctly citing the work. Students will illustrate each poem.

3. Students will create a folded mini-book. This is done in a draw program and incorporates previously taught skills. Students will create their own poems to use in the folded mini-book.

Evaluation: Students will be graded using a rubric that indicates to what degree of success the students were able to correctly complete the anthology and folded mini-book.

If you would like directions for the folded mini-book or need more details, please e-mail me.