Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#1608. Georgia O'Keeffe

Art, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 2 12:16:33 PST 2000 by Virginia Martin (
Ketron Middle School, Sullivan County, TN
Materials Required: internet; fresh flowers; art supplies
Activity Time: 5 class periods or more
Concepts Taught: visual art, art history

TN Standard I: Children need many opportunities to create art.

Objective: 7. Produce original works of art that reflect knowledge of various historical periods, cultures, and ethnic groups

TN Standard II: Children need many opportunities to look at and talk about art.


3. Distinguish characteristics of style in works of art
6. View and critique works of art in a museum or gallery

Teacher Preparation: Check all links to be certain they still work.

Day one: Students will use Internet to research the biography of Georgia O'Keeffe and write a one-page summary of what they find.

Day two: Students will visit sites describing her work, and revisit biographical sites looking for comments that describe her style of painting. Students write at least one paragraph summarizing what they find.

Day three: Visit on line galleries to view examples of her work. (half class period)

Days three-five (or more): Students will use fresh flowers as models for drawings or paintings in the O'Keefe style.

Internet Resources:



About her style:

Drawing/painting 70%
Biographical summary: 15%
Descriptive summary: 15%