Grade: Elementary

#1617. Character Talk Show

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Mar 6 19:15:37 PST 2000 by Kamilah Sevier (
High Point Elementary, Atlanta, Ga.
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 3-4 days
Concepts Taught: Reading/Character Comprehension

Use prior knowledge to discuss talk shows. Role model how an interviewer asks questions. Discuss the traits of the characters in their stories. Discuss questions that the interiviewer could ask the characters. Let students break up in groups to complete questions and choose characters. The interviewer should ask a question to each character. The questions should be related to the story. The second day students should role play and practice for talk show. The third day students can either make or bring in costumes to resemble the characters. The fourth day get ready for talk shows!!! P.S. Students can also think of names for their talk shows. Video tape the talk shows!