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Social Studies
Grade: Middle

#1619. Presidents of the United States

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Tue Mar 7 10:56:19 PST 2000 by Pamela D. Laurenzi (
Houston Middle School, Germantown, Tennessee
Materials Required: Internet, computer programs--database, draw documents, word processing
Activity Time: 7 days
Concepts Taught: Students will utilize the Internet to gather information in order to create products.

Students will gather data using the Internet to create products related to technology.

Students will demonstrate keyboarding, use of text boxes, acquisition of photos and pictures from other sources, copying, printing, and producing a product.

Students will research and organize information in order to produce products.

Materials needed:
Computers with Internet Access, Paper, Pencils
Database Program, Word Processing Program


1. Students will use the Internet to gather data about the presidents of the United States. The database will have the following fields: full name, birthplace, native state, term-years, political party, wife, and historical events during the presidency.

2. Students will use the Internet to create a trading card about one of the presidents of the United States using a draw program.
The card will have the following information: name, picture of the person copied from an Internet site, birth, famous for, short biographical information.

3. And/ Or Students will create a tri-fold brochure using a draw program with the following information: biographical information (name, birthday, childhood, family, other interesting information) timeline of important events in the person's life, greatest achievements or accomplishments, pictures of the person copied
from the Internet.

Extension activities:

Students can use the Internet to take a virtual tour of some of the past president's libraries.
Students can complete a map of the United States putting the name of the president in the correct state.
Evaluation: Students will be graded using a rubric that indicates to what degree of success the students were able to accurately complete the assignments.