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Subject: Mathematics

#162. Stock Market for Educators

Mathematics, level: all
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Stock Market Game for Educators
Student for ThinkQuest, a non-profit Organization,
Materials Required: Internet Access
Activity Time: year round
Concepts Taught: Stock Games for classrooms

Internet-style of Learning for Educators

Over 150 groups have used the "Educator" in their classrooms and some of the groups have over 100 students. We would be honored if you would consider using our new educational web site as a resource in your curriculum. Also, add a link to our site on your Web page.

The Educator (click to visit the web site)

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ThinkQuest /Smart Investing

The "Educator", A free stock market game for classrooms, has the following unique features:

-Easy setup for classrooms or student investment club competitions;
-Use of multiple quotes and symbols search from NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ;
-View of each student's portfolio and monitoring of progress from the Group Directory;
-Research capability of stocks using a query form of an over 5,000 companies database;
-Benchmark of each portfolio with the S&P 500;
-Helpful set up tips for classes from 20 to100 students.

Additionally, we have stock game and mutual fund trading for individuals as well as investment lessons and real-life examples.

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