Grade: Middle
Subject: Art

#1621. catch phrase translation

Art, level: Middle
Posted Thu Sep 30 11:46:30 PDT 2010 by daniel wittig (daniel wittig).
Matthew henson middle school, indianhead, maryland USA
Materials Required: internet, paper, over heads, printer, pencils, colored pencils
Activity Time: two to three weeks depending on supplies
Concepts Taught: overlapping, use of line, cross curricular

Mr. Wittig's
Phrase Translation Assignment

For this assignment you will need to complete the following steps to get full credit.

1. You will need to come up with a phrase that you want to translate into different
languages (this phrase must be school appropriate).

2. You will need to use different translation websites to find out how to write your
phrase in different languages (at least eight different languages).

3. Four out of the eight languages have to be the following four languages (English,
Chinese, Arabic, and Russian) the other four Languages are for you to decide but, they
must be different from each other and real languages.

4. You need to have a printed out list of the different languages that you used that
indicates the name of the language and what the phrase looks like.

Dutch: de computer zegt nr

5. You will use an eleven inch by eight and a half inch piece of paper to write out your
eight different languages. You will need to use 3 different sizes, values, and
overlapping of your different languages to create an interesting composition on your

6. You will need to use as much of your paper as possible with your different languages
(No big areas of your paper with nothing written).

7. Once you have written all of your different languages on your paper you will need to
do something with your background that complements your drawing. Try and change
your catch phrase into a visual image.

8. You will need to hand in the following items when you have completed the assignment. "The list of languages that you used, your finished drawing, a list of the websites that you used to get your translations, all three of these papers need your name on them and need to be stapled together"

Eighth grade catch phrase translation assignment

1. Please put your name on the top of your paper. Choose one of the languages from your list.
2. Find out what countries use this language as their official language. Label all them.
3. Find out where the language originated from.
4. Find out how old the language is.
5. How many letters do they have in their alphabet? Please copy and paste the alphabet.

Websites to get started with.

if you would like to see a finished project please email me and i can send you a digital copy.
I would like to try and start a pen pal project with another school with the use of this lesson.