Grade: all
Subject: Science

#1622. Raining in the Classroom

Science, level: all
Posted Fri Mar 10 13:20:37 PST 2000 by Maryellen Hagerman (
Activity Time: 3 min or less
Concepts Taught: working together/listening skills

Everyone has to be very quiet to begin. Start off with all the students rubbing their hands together. Then add a few students snapping their fingers. Continue adding snappers until everyone is snapping. Then have a few students alternative slapping gently their knees (it has to be one knee then the other not both at the same time). Keep adding until everyone is patting their knees. Then have a few students stomp their feet one foot then the other...keep adding until everyone in stompping. This is heavy rain. Now go back down the same way slowly changing from step to step (it doesn't work as well if you have everyone change at once). This is a great activity when changing subjects too (they have to be really quiet and they love to hear themselves make rain :-)