Grade: Elementary
Subject: Art

#1624. Shake, Rattle and Roll

Art, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Mar 11 13:27:51 PST 2000 by Jennifer Smith (
Alternative Parenting's Lesson Plans Home Page, NYC, USA
Materials Required: glue, glue dishes, tissue paper, markers, cylindrical containers & lids, beans, rice and/or macaroni
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Stimulate creative process. Introducing children to new mediums. Development of fine motor skills.

Begin by placing glue in glue trays. Add a small portion of water to dilute the glue.

Using the cylinders, add beans, rice or macaroni into them. Glue and cover with lid once you have added enough.

Tear or cut pieces of tissue paper and dip into glue tray.
Cover the cylinder with glue-dipped paper and let dry. You may continue to design the covered container with markers or with glue if desired.

Comments: Once completed, this project can be something decorative or musical. Try experimenting with other media (materials) for maximum learning.